Under the Ping Pong Table

Artifacts from the Future

Long after humans have sent themselves into extinction, the earth will gobble and digest their refuse, idle objects, and extravagances and burp up magical entities of wonder and beauty. Bits of artifacts enveloped in nature’s unstoppable biomass.

turnsignalite detail


This fine specimin of Turnsignalite was found in North American to the east, in a region once referred to as Massachusetts. Large deposits of Turnsignalite are often found near veins of Asfaultium. Here we also see a large inclusion of brillant Red Beadium nestled within a lush bed of green reindeer moss and black lichen.



The sample of Brakelightatite is accompanied by several different alloy examples. Notice the metal bolt and wingnut passing completely through one side of the petrified wood. Bicycle chain parts line the other side of the wood ensnared in a nest of wire. Metal deposits are very common in most regions.

Next to the bright red shards of Brakelightatite you will notice there is a small amount of a rare variety of Black Pinium speckled throughout the moss and lichen.

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